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Massachusetts lawn care from AllGreenHaving to endure extremely harsh winters is simply a price we have to pay for living in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Here in New England, we like to say that we have four distinct seasons (even when winter feels like it lasts half the year) – but winter can really take its toll on the health and well-being of our lawns. When winter is finally dying down and the snow dissipates enough to once again reveal our lawns, more often than not, it can be shocking to see just how devastated our landscapes have become due to common snow and ice removal practices. After a particularly severe winter, letting AllGreen provide you with professional Massachusetts lawn care can work to restore the health and lush look of your property’s lawn.

Throughout the winter months, the continuous use of snow plows, salt, sand and other de-icers can greatly damage your lawn. We’re all familiar with this scene – spring is in the air, the temperatures rise, and built-up snow and ice finally start to melt, only to reveal lawns whose edges have been completely torn apart by snow plows and lawns that have patches completely stifled by salt or sand. This is when AllGreen’s Massachusetts lawn care services can really save the day.

Bringing Your Lawn Back to Life

After the winter season, it’s important to let the professionals at AllGreen assess the state of your lawn and to design a plan of action that will work to bring the health and vitality of your lawn back to its former glory. Those edges of your lawn that were torn up by snow plows? They provide a perfect breeding ground for weeds and crabgrass to move in and significantly decrease the aesthetic appeal of your yard. And all that salt, sand and chemical-heavy de-icers we’ve used? They may have left patches of your lawn damaged and weakened over the last few months.

The best way to attend to this type of damage is by taking advantage of our professional Massachusetts lawn care as quickly as possible. The faster we attend to a damaged lawn, the easier it will be to facilitate the healthy regeneration of its landscape. So, if you’re like the majority of New England property owners and have a lawn that has been damaged by common snow and ice removal practices, call us today for a free estimate on how we can bring your lawn back to life!

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