Soil Testing for Optimal Massachusetts Lawn Care

When it comes to Massachusetts lawn care schedules, late spring is the ideal time for weeding and fertilizing. However, different lawns require different levels of targeted nutrients. In order to obtain the deep, dense, green grass that everyone hopes for, sometimes, soil testing is the best path.


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Why testing your soil is a good idea

Soil testing refers to the process of sampling and analyzing the condition of the soil in your yard. While many people believe that fertilizing is a one size fits all solution, the results of your soil test could prove otherwise. Soil testing determines the nutrient content which enables grass, flower and vegetable gardens, and trees to flourish. While some are lucky to have perfect levels, others may need to adjust soil levels.


What you’ll learn

There are two main pieces of information that a soil test will provide; your pH level and the nutrient levels. pH is measured as either low (acidic), or high (alkaline). Often, if your pH is low, professionals will recommend adding lime to increase the level. If your pH levels are too high, sulfur helps to normalize them.

Similarly, there are ideal levels of nutrients that are required for healthy lawns. Soil testing will look at elements such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium levels. Again, if levels are off, lime application is often the recommendation to resolve any underlying issues.


massachusetts lawn care


Results are in, now what

Once you receive your soil data, it’s time to remedy any needed areas. If you’ve utilized a professional company for testing, you’ll be provided with a form that details specific actions and recommendations. However, if you took a go at one of the DIY testing kits, you may be facing a confusing situation.


If soil testing for Massachusetts lawn care seems a bit overwhelming, it may be time to call our team at AllGreen Lawn. For decades, our team has provided organic lawn care solutions to both residential and commercial customers across Massachusetts. We take the time to understand what your lawn needs, and we’ll make sure you get the desired results!


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