Springtime Checklist For MA Homeowners

As the wet ground thaws out from the harsh Massachusetts winter, homeowners need to start thinking about the first steps in lawn preparation. Spring is the optimal time for lawn care in MA, but it’s also the time to start MA mosquito control. Allgreen has homeowners covered providing services ranging from organic lawn care to mosquito and tick control.



There’s a high chance that the snow on your property melted weeks ago. The weather is beautiful, and there is much to do to get your lawn in tiptop shape. The first step to reviving your yard is removing the layer of dead grass from the surface of your lawn. This layer of dead grass is called “thatch,” hence the term dethatching. Be sure to note that lawns should only be dethatched when the grass is actively growing, and the soil is relatively moist. There are many different methods in which you can pursue the dethatching process. Lawnmower attachments and a variety of gardening tools or rakes are the most popular devices that homeowners utilize. Furthermore, and often overlooked, water, fertilization, and over-seeding are imperative after the dethatching process.


Pest Control

Springtime pest control in MA is essential in maintaining the health and safety of your yard and family. Catch harmful insects off guard while they are lying dormant in shrubs and trees with Massachusetts pest control. Insects like ticks, mosquitoes, grubs, and more can pose a threat to your family and your outdoor living space. Ticks and mosquitoes can easily transmit illnesses and diseases to family members and pets. Pest prevention will not only reduce the risk of insect-transmitted illnesses, but it will also protect your lawn from turf damaging insects. Springtime pest control is a no-brainer, and one of the first steps in reviving your yard after a long New England winter.


Organic Lawn Care

Lime treatment, crabgrass control, aeration, over-seeding, and weed control are a handful of tactics that homeowners can use to make their yards stand out. A beautiful and healthy lawn does not need to be the product of harmful chemicals. Organic lawn care is effective as it is eco-friendly. Using high-quality organic fertilizer promotes a greener and thicker lawn as well as increasing its resistance against weeds. Once your yard is starting to look vitalized, be sure to cut your grass around 3-4” high. Maintaining an irrigation schedule is key to your lawn’s health throughout the warmer seasons in Massachusetts.



Whatever your lawn care in MA calls for, Allgreen is there to help.  Providing organic lawn care solutions as well as MA mosquito control and tick prevention, contact Allgreen today.  Offering a variety of programs for any budget, Allgreen will have your yard looking its best in no time at all (617) 327-5555.



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