Springtime Tree Fertilization

Tree fertilization from AllGreenThe groundhog is predicting Spring to be right around the corner in New England! That means it is time to start thinking about and making outdoor preparations. Roots continue to grow during the winter so attending to your landscape before growth begins can create a season of healthy growth and bountiful blooms. Late March is a perfect time to begin shrub and tree fertilization.


The age of your tree is a factor when determining the proper treatment.  Newly planted trees need to be handled more delicately than a mature, stable tree which is treated differently than a tree in its growth years.  Young roots are more susceptible to damage and disease, but also can burn more easily than roots which have been established over the years.  Most mature trees do not need the attention of that of a developing tree.  Stable trees should be checked but fertilization once a year is typically enough.


Environmental changes can occur all the time.  Testing your soil for proper nutrient levels is key to healthy tree growth. The test will help to determine what, if any, adjustments are needed.  Each tree species has its requirements, but nitrogen is the essential element.   A combination of phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients will be added as well to keep optimal health and growth conditions.  Which ones and how much all depend on the result of the soil.  Other factors such as light, moisture level, and drainage system changes can also affect the planned treatment of the tree.

Nutrient deficiencies can often be seen in the leaves.  The most common nutrients that need attention are iron and manganese.  Unusual coloring can occur not only in the leaf but the vein as well.  Sometimes leaves will produce in smaller amounts, drop early, or prematurely acquire the fall coloring.  These are all signs that adjustments are needed.


There are several types of options for tree fertilization available at stores for the consumer.  Organic versus inorganic, spikes or granules, slow releasing or spray.  Leave the guessing to the experts to get the best care.  Allgreen Lawn & Tree Care will customize a plan for your budget.  An organic deep root fertilization treatment will keep your family and your trees in the healthiest environment.  Call today for a free estimate 617-327-5555 or contact them info@

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