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organic lawnAs conversation shifts towards a more environmentally sustainable future, it seems as though landscaping and lawn care could experience a change in the norm. This industry is also in a position to benefit greatly from this shift if they can embrace the changes. Here at AllGreen, we’re dedicated to providing Massachusetts lawn care that is good for the planet and good for our customers.

Why Choose Sustainable?

Creating a more sustainable backyard landscape for our customers is beneficial for a variety of reasons. For one, an abundance of naturally growing plants reduces the amount of work necessary for the homeowner and the landscaper. As it’s their natural habitat, they likely won’t need as much maintenance. Additionally, locally grown plants are usually cheaper because they don’t have to be sourced from long distances. This is a more sustainable practice because it reduces the carbon emissions needed to transport more exotic plants, and reduces the resources (like water or fertilizer) necessary to keep the plant alive.

Help Local Wildlife

Implementing more sustainable Massachusetts lawn care can also benefit local wildlife. Similar to local plants flourishing in comparison to exotic plants, local plants are part of the local ecosystem. That means that native wildlife like insects and small animals have adapted to these plants. For example, an exotic plant may be toxic to a local insect, but it’s unlikely that the more native plant would have the same impact on the insect.

It’s Low Maintenance

Landscaping practices have a significant impact on the environment (they are the environment), and choosing solutions and designs that are eco-friendly can have huge implications. Composting and grasscycling (leaving the lawn trimmings on your grass) are both low maintenance changes you can make. Both processes take a biodegradable material and return it to the soil, making it richer in minerals and other nutrients. When they decompose, the nutrients within are released and can aid in the growth of your plants and overall quality of the soil.

Whether you’re looking for a way to reduce your lawn maintenance or do your part in saving the planet, choosing more sustainable Massachusetts lawn care practices can be an easy way to achieve these goals. We offer a wide variety of landscaping and organic lawn care services that cause little to no environmental damage. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 617-327-5555 (West Roxbury), or 781-762-7080 (Norwood).

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