Ten Fun Facts About Watermelon for National Watermelon Day

Tomorrow is National Watermelon Day! Nothing says summer like a day outside with a big, juicy slice of watermelon. We hope you have taken care of your MA mosquito control issues so you can enjoy a fun day in the sun and celebrate! Here are some fun facts about watermelons that we have put together in celebration of the holiday.

  • Watermelons are 92% water.
  • While most people consider watermelon to be a fruit, some gardeners think of the gourd as a vegetable. It is classified as part of the same family of gourds that contains cucumber and squash, which leaves its status up for debate. 
  • In fact, watermelons are the official state vegetable of Oklahoma. There was a bill to change it because most people view watermelon as a fruit, but the bill died on the floor.
  • People dry and roast watermelon seeds and eat them as a snack in some parts of the world. Proof that you will not grow a watermelon in your stomach if you swallow a seed.
  • The heaviest watermelon on record so far weighed 350.5 pounds and was grown by Chris Kent in Tennessee in 2013. Wonder what it would take to beat that record?
  • A recipe for watermelon rind pickles was featured in the first cookbook published in the United States, in 1776.
  • The first recorded watermelon harvest was almost 5,000 years ago in Egypt. 
  • Early explorers used watermelons as canteens.
  • Watermelon contains lycopene, which has been shown to reduce the risk of several types of cancer.
  • Watermelon has to be handpicked to prevent damage to the fruit. The rinds, while thick, are too delicate to be harvested by machine. 
    MA mosquito control
    Have a mosquito free National Watermelon Day!

    We hope you learned something about watermelon that you didn’t already know! We also hope that you have a plan in place to protect yourself from mosquitoes while you’re out celebrating!

Here at AllGreen, we want you to enjoy the time you spend outdoors this summer! If you want to know more about MA mosquito control options, give us a call at our West Roxbury, MA location at 617-327-5555 or our Norwood office at 781-762-7080.

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