The Benefits of Lawn Seeding for Lawn Care

AllGreen Lawn Care does seeding in Westwood MA and other Massachusetts areas.

Seeding is a necessary part of lawn care in Massachusetts. Grass is only as good as the quality of seed that is planted. That’s why we advocate a healthy seeding regimen for lawns around our area, because seeding a lawn right can save a lot of money and hassle. Many people turn to organic lawn care programs such as natural seeding to improve their landscape. It is very important to have good quality seeds in the soil, with proper water.

Many residents take the burden of lawn care in Massachusetts upon themselves when spot seeding ruts in their yard, or beginning a landscape-wide lawn program to seed all the grass. These kinds of lawn programs in Massachusetts can lead to over seeding, under seeding, or uneven seeding that will throw the entire balance of your yard off.

Any time of year is good to begin a lawn care program in Mass., but when is the best?

Scheduling – The best time for seeding may surprise you. A common misperception is that lawn care in Massachusetts starts in the spring when everything is in blossom, but you should allow it even more time to mature than that. Lawn care in Massachusetts should begin in September and October because the cooler weather allows young seedlings to start growing while the weeds from the summer months are in decline. For example – If somebody in Stoughton MA commits to seeding in early fall, they will see the best results in the spring. Giving the lawn time to germinate will allow it to be luscious and green in the long run. In other words, starting your Massachusetts lawn care in the fall gives your yard optimal time to mature. Crabgrass control application can then be safely applied in the springtime.

We spread the seed evenly around your lawn to ensure that the grass grows into a thick and consistent turf. AllGreen Lawn Care is also very mindful of how aeration can work in sync with the seeding of your lawn. Thick grass is also one of the best ways to prohibit weeds from growing around your lawn.

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