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Free tips on keeping deer and other pests off your Massachusetts lawn!

AllGreen Lawn Care specializes in organic lawn care in MA along with pest control. We offer a deer repellent lawn program in MA that does not harm people, plants, or even the deer. There are many exclusion methods for keeping deer off your property without harming them. If you are looking for alternate ways to keep deer from your lawn, we have a few suggestions.

Remove Incentive

Deer get hungry just like any other wild animal. If you have food growing in your garden, left out food, or even bulbs growing in your garden, a deer might wander in to have a little snack. It is always good to stay ahead of Massachusetts lawn care so that the deer have little reason to enter your yard.

Deer may target: Shrubs, trees, dogwood, tulips, or any berries/vegetables.

Never feed deer. Feeding deer is pest control suicide!

Automatic Sprinklers

An irrigation system is always a good investment for lawn care in Massachusetts. The occasional spritz of your yard should serve as enough of a disturbance to keep deer away. Automatic sprinklers are terrific in the hot summer months for irrigation lawn programs in MA.

Automatic Lights

Automatic lights are great for pest control in MA. They help deter deer, raccoons, possums, and even burglars. However, the motion sensor lights will do little during the daytime when deer are burglarizing your garden and berries!


If you have not removed plants and food that attract deer, they may jump fences to get into your yard! However, fences are always a great way to fortify your yard for pest control in MA. They are also terrific edging devises if you live on the surface of the woods.  They can also establish boundaries for lawns between homes and keep people from cutting through your yard. For lawn care in Massachusetts, a wooden fence could keep deer from browsing through your garden.


There is debate as to whether thorns actually solve the problem of deer invading your yard. In terms of lawn care in Massachusetts, you don’t want to plant thorns in your yard just for the sake of pest control. Some speculate that the thorns keep their curious noses at bay while others say they don’t work. It depends on the deer.


If there is one thing a deer is good at, it’s getting startled. This knowledge can be incorporated into your pest control around MA. When you think of “noisemakers” for lawn care in Massachusetts, the phrase “obnoxious” may also come to mind. However, there are many noisemakers that fit seamlessly around your lawn that people won’t notice.

  • Flags – flags not only whip in the wind, but they move and flap and draw the eyes’ attention. To us they may not seem loud or imposing, but to a docile animal that perception can change.
  • Wind chimes – wind chimes are great for pest control in MA. They are also a peaceful and relaxing decoration for your lawn. Consider hanging them on the edge of the woods where the forest meets your yard.
  • Dogs – Dogs are lovable and dedicated assistants for lawn care in Massachusetts. There is nothing better for pest control in MA than a pest itself. Neighbors may complain about a dog barking, but they will stand sentry to deer, raccoons, and possums.


Deer are not big fans of humans being around them, but you cannot always be there. Allow the animal’s sense of smell to play into your lawn care strategy. Some people will spray plants with hot pepper spray, or even plant odious vegetation such as: yucca, sage, lemon balm, etc. Many people play into the deer’s innate fear of humans and spread human hair around their garden for pest control.

AllGreen Lawn Care specializes in organic lawn care in Massachusetts. If you need lawn care of pest control in MA, feel free to give us a call at 617-327-5555.

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