The Importance of Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilization MAPeople, pets, and plants also need different amounts of nutrition to survive and thrive. Even if you choose a tree that’s native to the area, you may need to give it a little extra nutrient boost for it to grow properly. The amount of fertilizer and its composition depends on the age of your tree and the time of year. If you’re concerned about tree fertilization, consider employing the professionals here at AllGreen to make sure everything is done on time and correctly to make your plants flourish.

To double check the nutrient levels of your soil, you may need to perform a soil test. Most plants need a balance of potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen (K, P, and N) to thrive. Each tree is different, so do your research!

When to Perform Tree Fertilization

When, how often, and what composition of the fertilizer depends on the age of the tree. Newly planted trees require a product that is more slow release, as quick release nitrogen can burn the roots and leaves of young trees on contact. Look for a more granular, less water-soluble fertilizer in the early stages. Quickly growing young trees need even more fertilizer, so it’s a good idea to put new fertilizer down twice a year when following the recommended rates on the label. Late March through June is the ideal time to put down the fertilizer.

As your tree gets older, it’ll need less and less help from you – just like your kids (hopefully). As your trees mature, you don’t need to fertilize unless your soil doesn’t naturally have enough nutrients. When placing down fertilizer, make sure you don’t touch the tree trunk when you put down the pellets. Just put them below the trees “drip zone” and make sure to apply enough water as not to burn the roots.

Whether you’re planning on growing a forest in your backyard, or you want to nurture a new apple tree, the attention your plant needs in the beginning will wane as they grow. Be sure to give them the nutrients they need and do your research to find the right balance of fertilizer. For more information about tree fertilization or our other services, visit our website here.

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