The Importance of Winter Lawn Care in Boston

Lawn care in Boston from AllGreenBoston is home to an amazing assortment of different trees and shrubs that help to beautify its landscape and make it an attractive place to live. The mass amount of foliage in the Boston area greatly accents the urban landscape with natural beauty and folksy New England charm. Winter in Boston provides an exceptionally striking tableau full of various tones of green and eye-catching shades of white. And, while nature may seem like it’s in a kind of dormant, frozen state, lawn care in Boston is still an essential service that can help to ensure that your property’s landscape is prepared to withstand the harsh winter. A landscape professionally prepared for winter can help to make your lawn return looking as healthy and as beautiful as ever when the spring season finally comes.

At AllGreen, we provide lawn care in Boston throughout the entire year and, during the winter months, we can effectively make your property’s trees and shrubs more able to fend off the damaging effects of low temperatures, hard winds, and heavy snow. Plants and trees can experience what is known as “winter burn.” This occurs when trees and leaves experience a lack of moisture due to cold winter winds and a dormant root system that is unable to provide the proper amount of moisture throughout trees or plants – resulting in the death or browning of leaves.

The Threats Posed by Winter Weather

It’s not just low temperature alone that can harm trees and shrubs, but it’s the extreme temperature fluctuations that we experience in New England that can really damage them. Rapid temperature drops that result in quick, hard freezes can cause severe injury to woody plants. Working with AllGreen, however, you can be assured that your property’s trees and shrubs are as prepared as possible for dramatic temperature fluctuations because we use a “wiltproofing” protection spray that coats the leaves of trees, plants, and shrubs to decrease moisture loss during winter.

Winter comes along with a great deal of potential threats against your property’s landscape. Aside from the common “winter burn” that many broadleaf evergreen shrubs are susceptible to, your trees and shrubs can also be damaged by sunscald, frost cracks, root damage, ice and snow breakage, and salt damage. In order to make sure that your landscape is well protected during these harsh winter months, work with AllGreen to develop an effective means of fending off the potentially damaging effects of winter today!

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