Tick Control in MA: Harsh Winter Means Larger Tick Populations in MA

Tick control in MA from AllGreenSo we just survived a harsh New England winter. Thankfully, we can finally put aside the snow shovels, snow blowers, salt and other deicers, we can forget the treacherous driving conditions and watch our lawns flourish! It’s such a relief to finally see our once snow-covered lawns growing in green and healthy. As gorgeous as a well-kempt lawn is, the sunny, hot days of spring and summer do bring a few very unwelcomed guests – ticks. Ticks are some of the most effective carriers of disease in the natural world and thrive in warm weather. That’s why professional tick control in MA is a service we provide that you need to consider taking advantage of.

Tick control in MA is especially important now, according to a recent article published by Fox Boston entitled “High tick season expected after harsh winter.” In the article, Dr. Catherine Brown, veterinarian for the Department of Public Health, says that “When you have heavy snows like we did, it really actually insulates the tick from the cold weather.”

Prepare Yourself

Brown and other researchers say that, because of the harsh winter we just experienced, there is most likely going to be an increased population of ticks in MA in general. And, not only are ticks known for carrying Lyme disease – which can cause headache, fever, rash, swollen joints and nervous and heart system complications – but there is also another tick-borne disease called Powassan that is making its presence known in MA. This is but another reason why tick control in MA is especially important.

When describing Powassan, Dr. Brown says, “You’ll have some of the same things you see with West Nile, which is confusion, maybe a stiff neck. Sometimes it will go on to seizures.” This tick-borne illness usually leads to hospitalization and has no treatment. Luckily, the condition, in the last few years, has been so rare that not much is known about it. However, there has been cause for alarm in MA because there have been more reports in the past year of people suffering from Powassan. Keep your lawn safe this season with professional tick control in MA!

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