Tick Control in MA is Starting Early!

It’s hard to that spring is nearly here, especially with how mild the weather has been for most the winter. 2 ticks climbing down the leaf of a plantIn fact, the 2016-2017 winter season was one of the warmest on record. Though the forecast might have felt great in comparison to years past, there are plenty of implications of having a warmer winter, including concerns for ticks and disease.

For most companies that deal with tick control in the Norwood and Westwood, MA area, the tick season doesn’t usually begin for a few more weeks. In recent years, AllGreen and other professionals are noticing an increase in calls and services during the “off” season. Not shockingly, the correlations between warm weather and increased need for tick control are no coincidence.

It’s important to remember that ticks do not die during the winter, they instead hibernate. With the unseasonably warm temperatures, many are coming out of hibernation early to feed and lay eggs. On top of the warmer climate, acorn production in the fall was extremely high, which in turn has helped rodents and other small animals reproduce more frequently.

These temperatures mixed with more warm bodies to feed on and lay eggs means that we could be in for a heavy tick season. With nearly 50% of the ticks tested at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station infected with Lyme Disease, keeping our families and pets safe during the spring, summer, and fall season is imperative.

Fortunately, there are lawn and tree care companies out there who are looking out for your best interest and provide affordable options for any working family. AllGreen can provide you with a combination of granular and liquid treatments to keep the ticks at bay.

With more questions about our products and services or to request a free estimate, please call our experts at AllGreen in West Roxbury (617) 327-5555 or in Norwood (781) 762-7080.

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