Tick Control in MA: Ticks Are Still Highly Active During the Winter Season

Tick control in MA from AllGreenWhen the majority of us think about the winter season, it’s not often that we think of protecting ourselves from insects or tick control in MA. Most of us think that it’s simply too cold for any insects to survive, much less thrive during extremely low temperatures. However, tick control in MA is actually a prudent and practical service to take advantage of year-round in order to fully ensure the safety of you, your family, your friends and your pets.

While it is true that mosquitoes are less active during a New England winter, the fact remains that deer ticks (the carriers of Lyme disease) remain active all year long. The only way to really avoid potentially harmful tick bites is by letting AllGreen provide you with professional tick control in MA.

Why You Need Year-Round Safety

Dr. Thomas Mather, also known as “The Tick Guy,” in an article entitled “Relief from Ticks in the Fall and Winter? Not So, Says the Tick Guy!” says about the tick’s lifespan that, “Ticks take a couple of years so two wintering times…If you follow one female and she lays 1500 or so eggs, you will see that the adult ticks were out between October and May, leading to the eggs, so they are clearly still out in the winter…”

Mather goes on to say that reports of Lyme disease are increasing because of the increased population of deer around the country. And this is extremely evident here in New England as the deer population has boomed significantly just over the last decade alone. This is why tick control in MA has got to be a year round reality for anyone who wants to fully enjoy their lawn. It’s wise to assess the safety of your lawn once a month here in New England and to be aware of the presence of ticks during the winter season. Letting AllGreen provide you with professional tick control will give you peace of mind when it comes to the safety of you, your family, your friends and your pets. So contact us today for a free estimate concerning the safety of your lawn!

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