“Tick Explosion” In MA This Summer, According To Experts

tick control in MAA New England-based tick expert says the region is the worst for Lyme disease in the country.

MILTON, MA – Be extra careful outdoors this summer and get tick control in MA, as one expert is warning of a “tick explosion” in Massachusetts. New England-based tick expert Dr. Thomas Mather, a University of Rhode Island professor known as the Tick Guy, told Boston 25 the region is “the worst for Lyme disease more than anywhere else in the nation.”

Mather’s website,, is a resource center for tick identification, testing and prevention. It urges folks to keep an eye out for deer ticks, which are the primary carrier of Lyme disease.

Ticks stuck around over the past few months due to mild winter weather, the owner of a pesticide business told Boston 25. This kept deer, chipmunks and rodents out in the wild, which allowed the ticks to survive. The insect can usually be found in tall grass, and experts recommend wearing long sleeve shirts and pants or using spray when going walking in the woods, as well as utilizing tick control in MA.

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All words and information courtesy of Patch Media and Alex Newman.

Photo: US Department of Agriculture

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