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If you read our previous article on fall lawn care, you may have been left with a few more questions. For instance, you may be uncertain about how to go about lawn aeration. Well, if that’s the case, this article is for you! Although the team at AllGreen is happy to assist with any lawn care needs you may have, we’re also happy to educate! This article will give you the foundation you need to successfully prepare your lawn for fall fertilizing and seeding.


Before we begin, we’d like to caution homeowner’s against aerating lawn if it has been recently seeded or had sod laid within the last year. Although your lawn appears to be established, the root system is still delicate, so hold off on lawn aeration until next fall!


However, if your lawn is good to go, then let’s begin! First, you will want to thoroughly water your entire lawn a few days ahead of time. This will help to soften and loosen tight areas. Even though the aerator will penetrate through the surface, some spots can sometimes cause homeowners difficulty. Watering will ease the pain!


lawn aeration

Choosing the right type of aerator

When it comes to selecting an aerator to handle lawn care, there’s no right or wrong answer. What you’ll want to consider is the size of the lawn and the labor you’re willing to put forth. Below are the most common types of aerators available:

Hand aerator. If you have a small lawn, this type of tool can be a quick, effective solution you need. However, keep in mind there’s a lot of effort required on your behalf.

Aerator shoes. Well, doesn’t this sound like a fun way to put the kids to work? These spiked shoes are worn over your sneakers. Creating holes in the yard’s surface to allow air, water, and fertilizer to enter the root system, aerator shoes can be a great workout.

Push aerators. A push, or rolling aerator, is one of the most efficient methods available. Sure, there’s a little elbow grease involved, but this rolling system creates holes quickly and effectively. With a variety of models available, you’re sure to find the perfect solution.

Electric. If you’re dealing with a large area, electric aerators can buzz through your yard with ease in no time at all.


lawn aeration


Now that you’re watered and have your aerator in hand, it’s time to go to work! You want to be sure you cover the entire surface of the lawn in a predetermined pattern. By doing so, you’re ensuring there’s not repeat over an area that may have already been covered. The most important part here is that you cover the surface area only once.


After your lawn has been completed aerated, you’ll have the ideal surface for seed and fertilizer! If all of this sounds like too much work, it’s time to call in the team from AllGreen. From fall to spring, lawn aeration and general care are what we do best! Schedule your consultation today by calling (781) 762-7080.

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