Tips for Proper Tick Removal

Though you can count on proper tick control for your MA home when you work with a business like AllGreen, you cannot necessarily control all of the external factors when you are around ticks outside of your home. If you find that you, your pet, or your loved one has a tick attached to their skin, do not panic! Taking the time to properly remove a tick from the skin can prevent infection and other tick-borne illnesses that can occur if not entirely detached.

  • Using a fine-tipped tweezer, grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible.
  • Steadily pull up until tick detaches. Do not pull too quickly or erratically. This motion can cause the tick to break off before the head, which can be left embedded in the skin.
  • If the tick’s head remains in your skin, use tweezers to attempt removal. If unable to remove, allow it to heal or visit your health care provider.
  • After the tick is removed, be sure to clean the area. Soap and water will do the trick.
  • Dispose of tick by flushing down the toilet, submerging in alcohol, or wrap in a piece of tape. Never attempt to crush a tick or throw away in the garbage.

Always be sure to check yourself for ticks after venturing out in the woods or grassy areas. Pay attention to what you might consider more unusual areas, such as groin, underarms, and scalp. Take notice of the way the bite is healing. If you find your skin is irritated or potentially becoming infected, be sure to contact your doctor to schedule a visit.

Fortunately, tick control in Massachusetts can be just a little easier when you work with a business like AllGreen. We can help protect you, your loved ones, and your pets from tick bites on your property.

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