Tips on Fall Lawn Seeding

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If you haven’t already tackled your fall lawn care routine, time is closing in. One of the biggest misconceptions of the fall months is that you can put the lawn duties to the back burner. In fact, fall is the opportune time for lawn seeding. By seeding your lawn this time of year, you’ll have a step ahead come springtime when the ground thaws. Here are a few tips to get you started with lawn seeding.


First, you must prepare

Even though you may be tempted to just throw some seed down, preparation is needed. First, you’ll need to clear the area where you intend to seed. Clearing involves the removal of any debris – leaves, twigs, and dead grass are the most common. With the use of a rotary tiller, this task can be accomplished in no time at all.


Test your soil

Although this step is more crucial in the spring, testing your soil will ensure the best chance of your seed taking. By testing your soil, you’ll be provided with nutrients you made need to add for optimal growth levels. Ideally, pH should fall between 6.0 and 7.0. If your level falls below, your soil is too acidic, and you’ll want to add limestone. If your level is over 7.0, your soil is too alkaline. With the addition of any type of compost, you can lower this number.


Timing is everything

Now that your area has been cleared and soil tested, you’re ready to have at it. However, you’ll want to feed and seed on the same day. Choosing a day where the winds are low, and the sun is shining will provide you with the best results. Be sure to select the right seed and lawn food for your particular area. Any industry professional can help you with this choice if you’re uncertain as to which product will best suit your lawn’s needs.

Take cover

Once lawn seeding and feeding have been completed, you’ll want to recover the area. With a small layer of mulch or hay, you will provide protection to your hard work. This will also help the newly seeded area to retain moisture ensuring root growth occurs before the ground freezes.


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