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We spray both trees and shrubs to control your yard of insects! AllGreen Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care guarantees the quality of your lawn and landscape.

Insect and disease control is in our line of tree and shrub maintenance services.

Our team of industry experts receives continual training in pest control. We are able to identify which ornamental plants are most likely to develop insect and other pest problems around your yard. Our keen eye for pest anticipation allows us to control, or quarantine, the issue before it develops.


We inspect for the signs of insects such as mosquitoes or other harmful bugs that can damage trees and shrubs. If a pest problem goes uncontrolled it can kill the plants around your lawn!

For Massachusetts residents who wish to preserve their lawn, we are always standing by to offer a consultation.


We offer horticultural and dormant oil spray treatments in the transitional periods of spring and fall. These methods effectively control the outbreak of insects around plants.

Horticultural Spray – Horticultural sprays are safe for your lawn. They are often made of refined substances with an emulsifying agent and plant-based oils in the mixture. We are mindful of your lawn’s ecosystem and understand how it operates. Some insects are actually beneficial and take care of your lawn. Horticultural sprays usually have minimal effects on the positive insects, so they can keep doing what they do to keep your yard looking nice!

AllGreen Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care Offers Professional Treatment

Some lawn care enthusiasts try using vegetable oil as a pest control insecticide to defend their lawn. Unfortunately, vegetable oil has very inconsistent results. We offer a guaranteed result to protect your lawn in Stoughton and the surrounding Massachusetts area. Many over the counter products will claim to control mosquito or the prevalence of other pests throughout your lawn, but often don’t.

If you are interested in pest control for your lawn, please call us at (617)327-5555.


We are a locally owned and operated company out of the Stoughton, Massachusetts area.

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