Warning: Ignoring These Steps Will Put Your Lawn in Peril

Don’t think that you can ignore your lawn now that the grass is growing slower and the weather is getting colder! Stopping now is a mistake that many people make in regards to their Massachusetts lawn care needs. But proper lawn care in the fall is one of the most important things you can do to ensure you have a beautiful lawn in the spring. So what should you be doing now to prepare your turf for the upcoming cold months? 

How Should I Treat My Lawn Before Winter

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There are several things you should do to your lawn as summer turns into fall to ensure your yard will stay healthy and lush next year. 

Fertilize your lawn. While you should ideally be fertilizing your lawn 3-4 times a year, if you’re only going to do it once, you should do it in the fall. The fall is better because the grass is recovering from the summer, and it gives your turf a chance to build up its strength before winter.

Aerate. Aeration helps combat the compaction of your yard that occurs all summer as you use it, and give the roots of your turf space to grow. It also provides spaces for air, nutrients, and water to enter.

Rake up or mulch fallen leaves. If you leave them on your lawn, they can cause fungal problems.

Reseed brown patches. Reseeding at the beginning of fall give the new seedlings enough time to grow in weather that is favorable. This will provide them with the best chance for survival.

Should Grass Be Cut Short in the Fall

Yes, but not too short! As the first frost date nears, start cutting your lawn shorter and shorter with a goal of having your mower on the lowest setting of your for the last two mows of the year. You don’t want the grass to be too short to get stressed out by the cold, or too long to risk mold problems.

What Can I Feed My Lawn in the Fall

A blend of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium is the best thing to use to fertilize your lawn in the fall. If you can, a formulation which provides a small amount of nitrogen immediately, followed by a larger amount in a slow-release form is ideal.

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