What are Mosquitoes Good for?

It seems each year, West Nile Virus and other illnesses caused by mosquitoes become more prevalent. If they’re so hazardous to humans and other animals, why haven’t they been wiped out completely? Do they have any benefits to the ecosystem? Unfortunately, yes. But there are so many of them, that taking precautions to keep them away from you won’t harm the environment. Consider using an organic MA mosquito control product to prevent damage to other parts of the ecosystem.



The easiest way to explain how important mosquitoes are is their spot on the food chain. Eggs and larvae act as a food source for dragonflies and bats. Further, fish sometimes eat adult insects if they remain on the surface of the water for too long. Some birds that feed on these insects eat them in mid-air, keeping them off the ground and falling victim to a larger predator. Even birds that don’t traditionally feed on mosquitoes feed them to their young on occasion.


Like bees, mosquitoes aid in the pollination of various plants. Since they spend the majority of their lives near standing water, they can help spread the seeds of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants. Increased plant life is vital to the success of any ecosystem because they help provide oxygen. Additionally, plants are also a food source and provide shelter for various animals.

Medical Advances

Now, this may seem like a strange one, but hear us out. Have you ever noticed you can’t always feel when a mosquito bites you? They inject you with a small amount of an anesthetic found in their saliva to prevent you from feeling the bite. This chemical has been studied by scientists and is even in testing as part of a drug for people with diabetes during insulin injection.

Even with the above benefits, MA mosquito control is still vital to the health of your home. They can carry harmful diseases and can become a serious problem. For more information about organic MA mosquito control, visit our website here.

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