When Do Ticks Go Away in Massachusetts?

For some reason, it seems as though people stop worrying about tick control in MA as soon as the weather cools down a little. As we head into winter, ticks are seemingly out of sight and out of mind. A lot of people assume that they go away or die off like other bugs in the winter. 

In reality, bugs only seem to disappear over the winter, and this is particularly true for ticks. We feel it is essential to arm you with some facts about ticks and where they go in winter so you can continue to protect yourself all year long.

Do Ticks Die in the Winter?tick control ma

No. It may seem like it because they are less active, but ticks do survive the winter. Some species will latch onto a host to make it through the cold season. Others will hide under leaf litter or underground in burrows or dens. If the temperature is over 45 degrees, Blacklegged ticks, which carry Lyme disease, will come out to play.

It may seem like you don’t have to worry about ticks now that the weather is cooling, but it is vital to be prudent and do tick checks year-round. This is especially true if you are engaged in activities in wooded areas when the temperature is above 45 degrees.

How Cold Does it Need to Be to Kill Ticks?

Ticks die in temperatures between -2 and 14 degrees Fahrenheit. That doesn’t mean that all the ticks in your area have perished when it gets that cold. They are kept warm by their hosts or the layer of leaf debris that covers and insulates them. 

If there is a mild day followed by a freezing day, however, then it can reduce the overall tick population. This is because ticks come out of their burrows when it is warm. Unfortunately, this reduction in population isn’t enough to mean that people can stop worrying about ticks and tick-borne diseases.

So do you still need to worry about tick control in MA? Yes! If the temperature is above 45 degrees, then keep up with tick checks and tick prevention measures when you go outside. And, even if it gets icy this winter, it is still wise to plan a treatment for your lawn next year. Call AllGreen today at our West Roxbury, MA location at 617-327-5555 or our Norwood office at 781-762-7080 to see what options we have to protect you and your family from ticks all year long!

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