When Is It Good to Start Tree Pruning?

Like it or not, as a homeowner, there are several outside chores that require attending – especially come the Spring season. From lawn cleanups to bush and tree pruning, the to-do list can seem long. So, where do you begin? When is the right timing to tackle these tasks? It might surprise you to learn that the perfect time for tree pruning is in February! Yes, you can get a jump start on that spring cleanup list earlier than most people ever realize.


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Scroll down for a list of trees and shrubs that can benefit from late-winter pruning! Still not sure where to start? AllGreen Lawn Care is your go-to for all your landscaping needs.


Spring is in the air…!

Of course, Spring is a long way off in New England, but nothing says “Spring” like cleaning up the dead of winter in your garden. And don’t worry about killing off new growth. The cold won’t harm the first flush of most trees and shrubs because they are still dormant in February. 

So, what can you prune in February?

In general, anything that blooms on new growth can be pruned in February. Some trees and shrubs you can prune in February include:


    • Fruit trees (apple, pear)
    • Evergreen trees (spruce, fir) and evergreen shrubs (yew, holly, boxwood)
    • Butterfly bush, most hydrangea shrubs, azalea

Prune without the hassle

No need to maneuver large shears around overgrown, leafy branches. Without the leaves, tree pruning is easier than ever. Access any bark damage, broken branches, or hidden pests or diseases that are more likely to spread after the first flush of Spring.

What to Avoid:

  • Hold off on anything that oozes sap when cut in late winter and early Spring (pine, elm, dogwood). Instead, prune in Summer or early Fall
  • Wait to prune anything that blooms on old growth, like Oakleaf Hydrangea or Forsythia


Promote healthy growth and a fulfilling and beautiful landscape that adds curb appeal to your home. Our professionals at AllGreen provide ornamental tree pruning and shrub care to help maintain and improve your existing landscape. 


Request your free tree pruning estimate today. Contact AllGreen Lawn Care at (617) 327-5555 for more information. Be sure to follow us on Facebook!


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