Why Aerate in the Fall?

It’s hard to believe that after another successful season, summer is quickly coming to an end! Though workLawn Aeration Massachusetts might be winding down, the team at AllGreen wants our customers to know there is still plenty of time for seeding and other lawn care for their Boston landscape! Many people associate lawn aeration with the spring season, but we can think of a few important reasons fall might be the perfect time to commit!

It enhances the effects of overseeding

If seeding your lawn is on your fall chore list, aeration will only help the process. Aeration provides a better soil-to-seed contact by promotion germination and growth, which, in turn, will leave you with better, fuller grass for the next summer season.

It provides an excellent climate

Some of the most essential reasons overseeding and aeration works so well in the fall are because the weather lends itself to provide better results. Cool nights minimize the chance of mold or disease while the warm days provide a great opportunity for seeds to grow while the fertilizer and water to penetrate deep into the grassroots.

It can mean less maintenance in the spring

Fall aeration can improve root growth and improve the chances of a green, lush lawn when spring time arrives. When you choose to aeration and seed in the spring, you usually have to water more often to keep up with the demands of hot, summer weather. Fall aeration can help prepare and set your property up for success!

AllGreen has the lawn programs you need for your MA home or business, and we would love to work with you now and through next summer to improve the way your property looks, one great treatment at a time.

With more questions about how we can help you, please contact our team today by calling us in West Roxbury (617) 327-5555 or Norwood (781) 762-7080.

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