Why Do You Need MA Tick Control?

This summer was slated to be one of the worst tick seasons in New England. Whether or not you took action to prevent harmful ticks from entering your life in past, you definitely need to consider it this season. It’s not too late. Here at AllGreen, we offer various pest control services, including MA tick control.

For Your Health

Ticks can carry harmful illnesses like Lyme disease, which causes symptoms such as rashes, fever, chills, and fatigue. Aside from Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, development of an alpha-fal allergy, and babesiosis are transmitted via various species of ticks. Investing in MA tick control is especially important if you have pets that are outside for any period of time. Unlike mosquitos, you may not notice when a tick bites you. It’s important that you check yourself, pets, and children for ticks when you come inside. Additionally, they will remain on you after the bite until you take them out. The longer they stay in, the more difficult they are to remove and the more potential there is for harm.

For Your Safety

It’s a common misconception that you can only get tick bites if you spent the day rolling around in the bushes or deep in the forest. Although you are more susceptible to bites in the woods because ticks are more prevalent there, you can still get one just by hanging in your backyard or walking through the park. Again, make sure to always check your body and scalp after being outdoors.

Ticks love humid environments, so a sticky New England summer is the perfect breeding ground for a potentially serious problem. According to the CDC, reports of tick related illnesses have more than quadrupled in the past 18 years. To keep you and your family safe from these parasites, consider hiring the professionals here at AllGreen for all of your MA tick control needs. Give us a call at either 617-327-5555 (West Roxbury), or 781-762-7080 (Norwood).

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