Why Lyme Disease Will Be Worse Than Ever This Summer

We’ve discussed the implications a warmer winter season has had in New England and how it will increaseTick control in MA from AllGreen the need for tick control in MA in previously weeks. With limited snow and frost this past winter, ticks began to breed and become active earlier in the season. In addition to their growing population, one of the largest carriers of Lyme Disease, white-footed mice, are experiencing the same increase because of the warmer temperatures. With both populations on the rise, Lyme Disease has become a concern for many in New England who spend time outside with their loved ones and pets.

According to Connecticut’s Department of Environmental Sciences, one-third of the ticks (around 37%) sent in from citizens across the state to their laboratories tested positive for Lyme Disease. These results are considerably higher than in years past, with 2016 landing at 29% total. This research only includes ticks sent in from individuals who have come into contact or were bitten, not ticks extracted from the wild by researchers for their own studies.

The combination of tick population and disease could lead to potentially troubling times for those bitten by ticks this season. Though a deer tick bite does not guarantee you will contract Lyme Disease, the chances have increased significantly with these findings.

Taking steps to protect your family, your pets, and yourself from Lyme Disease is critical. Fortunately, there are businesses out there like AllGreen that can provide the best tick control solutions in Massachusetts. We utilize a combination of granular and liquid treatments to provide you with the peace of mind you need while using your yard this summer.

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