Why Your Trees and Shrubs Need Professional Massachusetts Lawn Care

Massachusetts lawn care from AllGreenYou should be proud of the fact that you’re a property owner. It takes a great deal of determination, hard work and financial savvy to become one. It’s also most likely one of the biggest investments you’re going to make in your lifetime so should be maintained responsibly. At AllGreen, we believe that Massachusetts lawn care plays a large part when beautifying pieces of property. After all, your lawn is one of the first things that people see and it can tell a lot about you as a person. Nothing lets passersby know that you’re an organized, hardworking and proud property owner than a well-manicured lawn.

We know the sense of accomplishment people gain when they have the lawn of their dreams because we’ve provided professional Massachusetts lawn care since our inception – creating an ever growing, long list of satisfied customers. The aesthetic appeal of a lawn is based on many factors, but we’d like to take this opportunity to discuss the importance of professional tree and shrub care.

The Skill of a Professional

Pruning trees and shrubs is like any skill – it requires training, experience and certain knowledge to do well. In fact, pruning incorrectly can actually have more of a damaging effect than a positive one, so is best left to professionals. And right now is the perfect time to have your landscape’s trees and shrubs pruned. Getting rid of damaged tree limbs and plants now will help your lawn avoid disease and insect infestation later. When pruning trees, we remove all broken, dead, diseased or problematic limbs in a way that promotes healthy, strong growth.

When it comes to your lawn’s shrubs, we “thin out” the shrubs by cutting twigs or branches from either ground level or from the parent stem in order to encourage healthy and aesthetically pleasing growth. We also know to pinch off a shrub’s terminal bud to promote the growth of lateral branches that will lessen the need for future pruning. Our professional Massachusetts lawn care will leave you with a lawn you’ll be proud to show off!


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