Boston Lawn Care in the Winter?

If you live in Boston, lawn care is probably the last thing you’re thinking about during February. However, what residents do during this time period can have beneficial effects for the upcoming spring season. Remembering that true organic lawn care in Massachusetts is a year round endeavor will ensure a lush, green lawn. In this article we’re taking a look at a few winter lawn care tips for homeowners.


The idea of lawn mowing programs seems ridiculous with a foot of snow in your front yard. Which, is exactly why you should mow before the snow accumulates! Although we’re past this point now, it’s a good rule of thumb to tuck away for future fall seasons.

When summer is tapering away in the final months, it is always good form to cut your lawn lower and lower. By doing so, the gradual acclimation to winter won’t be as drastic.

Although it can be tempting to abandon your Boston lawn program with winter around the corner, it can be problematic once spring arrives. Rodents and pests living in tall grass will burrow down into your lawn to escape the snow causing damage the roots of your lawn!

Tuck away the lawn accessories

Winter lawn care is more often about making adequate preparations than it is about the active maintenance. Winter is part of the natural cycle of things. However, items left out in your yard can cause unnecessary damage. Not only could you end up with unsightly dents embedded with brown, dead grass, but you could damage the established eco-system.

Yard cleanup can be tough if you’re short on space, but keep in mind that winter is a vulnerable time for your lawn.

Boston lawn care

It’s never too soon for organic lawn care

If you’re a true connoisseur of organic lawn care in Massachusetts, you’ll want your lawn to have the proper nutrients for its long hibernation. Before the first freeze of the year it is always good to try and fertilize your lawn so that it remains in the soil while the surface is frozen.  However, if this opportunity has passed, Mother Nature has provided us with a few warm days.

Even in the heart of winter, you can drop fertilizer over exposed grassy areas.  However, chances are that the ground is frozen and this practice won’t prove useful.  The best time to try winter fertilization is when a few, unexpected warm days arrive.  This will allow the surface to absorb the nutrients before refreezing.

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