Winter Is No Time To Forget Pest Control

As the to-do list dwindles for many homeowners, outdoors projects are wrapping up before the winter sets in. However, one widely ignored area is pest control measures. With several misconceptions, homeowners tend to believe that this type of protection is only needed when the warmer months are upon us when, in fact, the winter is just as important.


Common winter misconceptions


  • Pests are less active in the winter.


One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make is to assume that pest control is not an area of concern during the fall and winter months. Just like humans, these pesky creatures prefer to be in a warm environment. Thus, as we scramble to finish our outdoors to-do lists, they’re scrambling to find a way indoors. The smallest crack in your foundation or hole in the siding is a grand entrance to any insect nearby. Once inside, you’ll be dealing with a whole different level of insect or rodent infestation.


  • Clean homes don’t have pest problems.

Although pests mainly live in dirt, soggy leaves, and other environmental elements most humans find unappealing; pests don’t judge. Whether your home is filthy or sparkling, the insects and rodents will enter if giving a chance.


  • Cheese is the best way to catch a mouse.

Maybe it’s the old school cartoons we’ve grown up with; you know the ones. Mouse in the house, put out cheese, and solve your problem. However, in reality, a mouse doesn’t prefer cheese. Sure, they’ll eat it if it’s around, but mice are drawn to sugary foods. If you’re setting traps around the home, try placing sugar cubes in the traps and watch the difference!


  • Winter pest control is a waste of money.


Well, if you don’t mind cute, fuzzy, little rodents sharing your home or multiple-legged insects crawling around your walls, sure, pest control is a waste of money. However, we’re pretty confident this is not the case.


pest control MA


With preventative methods, you can have peace of mind that your home is pest-free this winter. For more information, give our team at AllGreen a call today. Experts in MA pest control, we will take the time to resolve problems from the exterior of your home effectively. Contact us before these pests set up shop in your house this winter (781) 762-7080.

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