With No State Support, AllGreen’s Tick Control in MA is More Important than Ever

Tick control in MA from AllGreenWhen it comes to tick control in MA, it seems that the state is overwhelmingly under-funded and that residents have to take matters into their own hands. Most of us are familiar with the tick-borne disease Lyme disease, but there are actually six tick-borne diseases prevalent in MA that can cause a variety of harmful reactions to humans. In an article for the Berkshire Eagle entitled “War on bugs: In Massachusetts, $11 million spent to fight mosquitoes – $0 on ticks,” author Beth Daley shines a light on the growing health problems posed by ticks and the state’s lack of funding for tick control in MA.

In this article, Daley reports that “Lyme infects at least 5,500 residents a year in Massachusetts,” but that there is no state funding going towards educating residents about the dangers associated with ticks or towards effective tick control in MA. In order to find peace of mind somewhere in this pest-filled haze, letting AllGreen provide you with professional, safe and effective tick control is a service that is of vital importance.

A Growing Threat

While the current numbers of MA residents who become infected with Lyme disease are staggering enough, Daley goes on to say that, “The winter’s deep snow probably insulated ticks from low temperatures and heavy winter mortality…” which means that the tick population may be one for the record books this year and avoiding them will require more effort than in previous years.

With AllGreen at your side, however, you can avoid the stress that comes along with doing everything in your power to avoid being bitten by a disease carrying tick. In order to keep you, your family, your friends and your pets safe, we use a combination of granular and liquid treatments to repel ticks at the source. We also provide effective deer repellent. This is important because deer are the main carriers of ticks and can easily expose your landscape to a vicious population of the pests. So, as Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases become more prevalent and state funding for tick control in MA is basically non-existent, rely on AllGreen to have plenty of safe and sunny days ahead.

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