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Take a deep breath, and pay attention! Lawn care in Massachusetts can be difficult. The summers can be ‘wickid’ harsh on your lawn, and burning them is pretty easy to do. Too much water or too little water can be a big problem. Remember looking over at your neighbor’s lawn and thinking “the grass is always greener on the other side”? Well, like I said take a deep breath, as we have the answers for you on how to grow a green lawn, including the proper use of fertilizers that will make it easy for you to gain respect for your own grass.

Assuming it is only green grass, and a grass of good pedigree, that is what you want carpeting your yard in emerald splendor, we control is definitely a necessity in any lawn maintenance program. Many homeowners who are intent on having lush green lawns will not tolerate a single dandelion weed or tuft of crabgrass regardless of its greenery. Applying fertilizers and practicing weed control canGrass seeds be integrated into the same chore, if you play your cards right. But with work, the family, the kids, the wife, the house etc. who has the time to take care of a lawn? None of us! This is why we contact the professional team at AllGreen Lawn, Tree and Shrub Care. They’ve been in the business of making one’s beautiful for 25 years, and possess a wealth of knowledge and helping you maintain your lawn.

So why is it, some yards in the neighborhood have such beautiful green lawns, while others always seem to be having a rough time with brown spots and weeds all over the place? The answer, is in what you provide your lawn for nutritional value. Your lawn needs nutrients it gets some from the soil, but needs more from fertilizer at certain times of the season.

First off, grass is simply not grass. There are many different qualities and types of grass. You have to plant a type of grass that will grow in your region. They all have different growth requirements. Many factors go to the selection of the type of grass for your particular lawn. Some grasses need more sun and some need more shade. So before you quote and purchase any type of seed, do a little research and see which are the best for your type of lawn. Take a look at the ‘tips’ section from AllGreen Lawn, Tree and Shrub Care.

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