4 Mowing Tips for Better Lawn Care

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It’s spring! And we all know that means: it’s time to bust out the lawnmower. Cutting the grass is an essential part of lawn care, and there are a surprising number of things to think about. Your grass is the biggest part of your lawn and the most basic element of your lawn care program. Whether you love mowing your lawn or think of it as a chore, you want to do it right. Luckily, AllGreen Lawn Care has the answers to all your lawn mowing questions.

Here are a few tips to keep your grass looking its best.


Don’t mow too often.

You probably don’t need to cut your grass every week, especially when the weather is warm and it hasn’t rained in a while. Hot, dry weather can cause your grass to go dormant and stop growing. This is why it’s best to cut your grass based on its length, rather than the last time you mowed your lawn. Cutting the grass too short while it’s not growing very much makes it dry out and turn brown.


Don’t cut the grass too short.

The first time you cut your grass in the spring, leave your lawnmower blade high. You just want to remove the dead tops of the blades to stimulate growth. Longer blades keep the soil cooler as well, which keeps the grass from drying out. If the grass is a little longer early in the spring, it can even shade the seeds of weeds in the soil and keep them from sprouting.

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Keep your blades sharp.

Lawnmower blades, that is. Lawn care is all about having the right tools, and lawnmowers are no exception. Sharp blades deliver clean cuts, while dull blades give your grass ragged edges and can even rip it up. Brown edges are a sign of damaged grass and dull lawnmower blades.


Leave the clippings.

Rather than collecting the clippings in a bag, let them lie. They release nutrients back into the soil and help your grass grow. The clippings form mulch and keep moisture in the soil. However, if you waited a long time to mow your lawn, you should collect or bag the clippings. Clippings from long grass can smother your lawn and prevent growth.


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