Brush Removal and Pruning

Dormant Pruning

The best time to prune small trees and shrubs is when they are not pushing new growth. The winter months provide a good opportunity to prune out dead limbs or cross limbs to shape your ornamental trees. Shrubs can also be pruned depending on when they get their buds. Contact us today to schedule your winter brush removal at 781-762-7080 or

Advantages of Winter Pruning

  • With the leaves off the trees it becomes easier for a trained arborist to evaluate dead branches.
  • Late winter pruning allows the tree to fully rejuvenate in the spring, making it more vibrant and lush.
  • Pruning in the winter removes diseased and rotten sections of trees that could lead to diseases that prosper in spring and summer.
  • Frozen ground allows for more efficient use of heavy equipment and less damage to your landscape.
  • Since winter pruning doesn't promote new growth right away, it allows the tree to heal and have a strong new growth period in the spring when the new growth isn't in danger of being damaged.
  • With winter storms rolling in, trees can be under a lot of stress from the ice and snow. Removing dead and diseased limbs lessens the chance of damage or injury from falling limbs and branches.

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