4 Tips For Winter Lawn Care in Massachusetts

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While it may not seem as essential to care for your lawn during the winter, it is not something that you should ignore! To ensure your lawn is still in good condition come the spring, here are four winter Massachusetts lawn care tips to keep your lawn pristine! 



As the winter months approach, it is always essential to have a game plan for snowfall. Leave enough time to prepare for the winter so you can protect your lawn. This said, it may be a bit too late now, but don’t fret! Our team at Allgreen Lawn Care is always here to assist!



Just before it’s expected to frost is the perfect time to aerate your lawn. Aeration removes plugs of soil from your yard to allow the very compact dirt to be looser and will enable the grass to have the vital air and water that it needs. You can rent an aerator machine, or you can hire All Green Lawn & Tree Care to help! After you have done this, make sure to fertilize your lawn to give your grass the essential nutrients it needs to prepare for the winter months ahead. 


Keep your lawn clean

It may seem obvious, but keeping your lawn free from debris will help it over the winter months. Leaves left on a yard over the winter can trap moisture and can invite disease. To prevent this, move heavy wet leaf piles and remove any summer furniture off of your lawn. 


After the first frost 

After the first frost and into the winter months, it is best not to walk on your lawn as much as possible. Even healthy grass can become weak if a path is walked too many times. Keeping your driveways and walkways snow and ice-free will help you to not step on your lawn. 


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To keep your lawn healthy and happy, follow all of these steps to prepare the lawn. The easiest way to maintain your yard is to hire a professional. All Green Lawn & Tree can help you prepare for winter lawn care in Massachusetts. Save yourself the hassle, and rest assured that your lawn is in safe hands. 

For more information on how we can help with your spring cleanups, summer maitenance, and winter preparations, contact our team today by calling (617) 327-5555.


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