Aeration Lawn Programs in MA

Lawn programs in MA from AllGreenHave you ever walked across a soccer field in the Fall and wondered what all those little tubes of dirt were? There were matching holes in the ground, but who could possibly have the patience to pull out the little tubes all over the field? AllGreen has the patience, but it doesn’t take as long as you think. Those tubes are the product of one of AllGreen’s lawn programs in MA called aeration.

Aeration is the process of loosening the ground so new grass can grow. This procedure is common when is comes to land that is frequently trafficked, like a soccer field or a football field. The impacted dirt causes many problems, including less airflow, more water runoff (creating muddy fields) and a thicker layer of thatch.

Thatch is the layer of dead grass and weeds that forms above the dirt when the lawn is constantly under pressure, like the pressure from walking or running. The thatch spreads itself among the living grass and chokes the grass that is trying to grow. Combined with a lack of sunlight, the growing grass dies, only adding to the layer of thatch.

The little tubes of dirt that you always see on sports fields are the result of aeration. Small coils are rolled over the grass and sink into the ground. As the coil rolls, it pulls little tubes out of the ground and leaves them laying on top of the lawn. The coils break through the layer of thatch, allowing the ground to breathe and absorb the water that the thatch was preventing it from receiving.

The tubes of dirt are left on the lawn because they contain organisms that can eat away at the remaining thatch. These tubes will naturally break down and return to the ground, but raking them to spread them apart can help speed the break-down process. The reduction of the thatch allows grass seedlings to grow, thus thickening the grass.

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