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A common misconception is that once the temperature drops that ticks are no longer a threat. That could not be further from the truth. Although it is true that once the temperature drops below freezing consistently tick activity slows, ticks thrive in the fall. At AllGreen Lawncare, our tick control MA lawn programs serve in keeping you and your family tick-free this autumn! Here are a few tips for protecting you and your family from ticks this October! 


Hiding Places to Watch Out For 


Among the numerous hiding places that ticks like to sit and wait, during the fall season leaves is their top choice. With leaves covering what seems like every surface in your yard, they also provide an optimal place for ticks to wait for their next meal. Although making large leaf piles for kids to jump into is a fun part of the season, it also isn’t the safest. Instead, try to minimize leaf build-up in areas of your yard where people frequent. Additionally, when doing leaf removal try to dispose of leaves in an area far from your house. For example in the woods or on the outskirts of your property. This will cut down on places that ticks can hide and therefore cut down on ticks! 


Tick Protection Options


As much as we would love for ticks to disappear, that is simply not possible. However, it is possible to be diligent about protecting yourself from nasty pests. One way that you can do this is by doing regular tick checks on both your family and your pets. Take note of times when members of your household have spent time outdoors and make sure to check for ticks immediately after they are done outside. Pets can also be carriers and bring more ticks than we would like to imagine into your home. That being said, make sure to check your pets thoroughly as well! Dress to protect. Tuck your pants into the top of your socks and make sure you wear shoes that protect your feet! 


Tick Control MA with Allgreen Lawncare


Although these tips and suggestions help to minimize tick exposure they cannot get rid of the problem altogether. However,  AllGreen Lawncare help. We prioritize the safety of you and your family which is why protecting them from the diseases that ticks can spread is a priority. Our MA tick control programs help to vastly cut down on the number of pests in your yard so you can rest easy. 


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