Avoiding Ticks

Tick control in MA from AllGreenUnlike mosquitoes or flies, ticks are far sneakier in the sense that they’re quiet, their bites are almost completely painless, and they’re deviously small. And it’s not only the summer months when ticks are dangerous. Even in the spring, on warm days, ticks still become prevalent in New England.

It’s because of this year round presence of ticks that make professional lawn care in MA of utmost importance. Luckily, aside from specializing in MA mosquito control, we also utilize a double-sided, highly effective means of tick control for your lawn.

We provide applications using a combination of granular and liquid treatments to aid in keeping your family and pets safe from these pests. Also, because deer are the number one carrier for deer ticks which sometimes carry Lyme disease; threatening both you, your family and your pets, we’ve developed a highly effective Deer Repellent to use for your overall MA lawn care.

Various tick species and the damage they cause

What we’ve run into while working on lawn care in Massachusetts are primarily four types of ticks. Of course there’s the Deer Tick, which can carry Lyme disease and Deer Tick virus, but there are also Dog Ticks, Lone Star Ticks, and Brown Dog Ticks. All four species can carry a number of viruses from Lyme disease to Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

If you’re unfortunate enough to fall victim to one of these ticks’ bites, it is possible that you’ll soon notice a rash around the site of the tick bite and may experience flu-like symptoms. Left untreated, the later signs of Lyme disease include severe joint paint. The joint pains will most likely start in the knees but can eventually spread to a number of other joints. The more severe long lasting symptoms of Lyme disease manifest themselves as neurological problems. Lyme disease patients often develop meningitis and even Bell’s palsy.

So there are very tangible dangers and health hazards that go along with these pests. But here at All Green Lawn and Tree, we’re prepared to professionally and promptly safe guard your lawn so that you won’t have to constantly worry about your family and pets while they’re enjoying the outdoors.