Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization

Homeowners often know the basics for many lawn care necessities for the fall season, including pruning,Tree & Shrub Fertilization Massachusetts mulching, and fertilization. Though it might feel as if you are doing everything possible to improve the growth on your property, there are techniques you might not know about that would be an asset to your seasonal care. Many trees and shrubs still do not receive the level of nutrients they need in order to reach their fullest potential, and for that, services like deep root fertilization exist.

To start, what is deep root fertilization?

Deep root fertilization is a method to care for trees and shrubs. This process requires a certified Arborist to inject into the base root of the plants a mixture of nutrients and fertilizer and often also includes soil aeration around the plants. This process has long-lasting effects and will greatly enhance their health and growth. This technique is ideal for more urban environments where concrete might limit the water and nutrients to the base of a tree or shrub or when the soil has become too compacted or lacks the other essential elements they need to survive and flourish.

How does it benefit trees and shrubs?

  • It promotes the plants’ root growth
  • It often results in more beautiful, full foliage during their peak seasons
  • It reduces the chance of disease and the impact of insects
  • It aerates the soil and reduces soil compaction
  • It overall enhances the health of the plant in question


From lawn aeration to deep root fertilization, AllGreen can provide you with the various services you need to prepare for the winter season. Don’t wait any longer to talk with our experts and protect your lawn to ensure successful spring and summer growth in 2018!

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