Spring Is Coming. We’re Thinking Flea and Tick Prevention

As pet owners or a home that enjoys the outdoors, you may be all too familiar with fleas and ticks. Posing the obvious concern of disease, never mind being a nuisance, these insects require attention. Not good attention, of course, but the kind of attention needed to prevent their presence. As experts in tick control in Wellesley, MA, and surrounding towns, our team knows what it takes to keep your family safe during the outdoor season.

Ticks are known carriers of Lyme disease. However, did you know that the common deer tick is not the only species you should be concerned with? With the changing climate, New England is now seeing new populations of ticks that never before visited the area, Lone Star ticks, for instance. With these new species comes new concerns. Thus, preventing ticks, fleas, and even mosquitos has never been a more imperative task than now.

Here, we are providing you with a few ways to keep your outdoor season as safe as possible.

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Maintaining your lawn is a must.

The first step in flea and tick prevention is keeping your grass trimmed. You’ll want to avoid cutting your grass too short to maintain optimal health. However, allowing your grass to grow too long is an open door for ticks, fleas, and mosquitos. Ticks especially love to hide in tall grass because it holds humidity and provides protection from the sun.

Maintenance doesn’t stop with grass. Trimming back bushes and trees to remove extended branches is also important. Ticks love long branches because they provide an opportunity to fall, jump, or latch onto a host as one brushes by. Besides, keeping these elements trimmed also adds curb appeal, which could increase the value of your home to potential buyers.

Another item for the to-do list involves removing piles of debris and leaves. Such items quickly become the perfect hiding spot with dark, damp environments.

Natural Solutions

Spreading beneficial nematodes over your lawn is a safe and effective solution. Nematodes burrow in the ground and seek out flea or tick larvae. Reproducing automatically, one treatment provides up to three months of relief!

Abrading agents work on drying out the larvae of fleas and ticks, resulting in their death. These agents are good, especially when the weather is hot and dry as rain washes away the agent.

Children’s Play Areas

Keep areas such as playgrounds, trampolines, and sandboxes away from your property line. This area tends to have some of the thickest growth and largest pest population. If this isn’t possible, consider adding rubber flooring or cedar chips to repel a flea and tick population.  

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When it comes to mosquito, flea, and tick control in Wellesley, MA, our team has you covered! AllGreen offers various plans to ensure your outdoor season is one of comfort and safety! For more information or pricing, please contact us by calling (781) 762-7080.

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