Is Tick Control in MA Important During the Fall?

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As experts in tick control in MA, our team at AllGreen is often asked how long one needs to be concerned about ticks. While we’d love to give a straight answer to this question, there really isn’t one. Depending on the species of tick, the active months or seasons vary. However, with the influx of newer species, such as the Lone Star tick, this year has become one of the most imperative years yet.


Deer ticks

Most common to the New England area are deer ticks. Unfortunately, the deer ticks never die off. Not the news you were hoping for, but knowing what you face is imperative. However, even though this species is present year-round, the good news is that they’ll become less active during the colder months.

35 is the magic number to remember with deer ticks. Once temperatures maintain 35 degrees and there is no snow on the ground, the deer tick will begin to resurface. 50 degrees is when they’ll emerge full force. So, as you can figure out, late into the fall months, precautions against the deer tick are still necessary.


Lone Star ticks

As we reported in an early blog, the Lone Star tick has reported increased populations in Cape Cod, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Fairly new to New England, this species is a force to be reckoned with as it has a history of wiping out other species in the area. Although there are several new concerns due to the diseases associated with the Lone Star, there is good news.

Unlike the deer tick, the Lone Star tick is completely dormant during the fall and winter seasons.


Dog ticks

Finally, the third most common species found in the New England region is the dog tick. Active months for the dog tick range from April to August with peak times during May and June. However, these months are generalized based on the current weather conditions. And, as we all know, this year has been anything but expected.


tick control ma


In conclusion, our team at AllGreen would like to answer the question about tick control in MA with this final thought – Although there are inactive and dormancy times, it’s always best to be on guard and protect yourself, your family, and your pets from these potentially dangerous creatures.


Unless there’s snow on the ground, give our team a call today to learn more about how we can help protect your home from becoming a tick breeding ground.

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