Boston Lawn Care Or Snow Removal?

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This is the time of year where our world as we know it gets covered with the beautiful white blanket of winter. However, that excitement of a snow-covered ground quickly fades when we realize how much time and energy we have to spend shoveling. AllGreen has been providing Boston lawn care for decades and we are here to care for you even in the winter. We offer affordable and effective snow and ice melting services so that you can enjoy the winter snow without having to spend all your time shoveling it. Here are some tips on how to make your snow removal easier!


Use the Right Shovel


Having the right equipment can make a world of difference when it comes to yard maintenance. When it comes to shovels you often get what you pay for. Therefore, you are never going to regret investing in a quality shovel. Cheap shovels make your work take longer and put more strain on your back which can cause long-term issues. Look for a heavy-duty plastic or aluminum shovel. By using a higher quality shovel you will save both time and energy. 


Border Your Walkways with Tall Stakes 


The build-up of snow that occurs during MA winters is no surprise to those of us who have lived in this area for a long time. However, when feet begin to accumulate it can be easy to lose track of where your driveway and pathways begin and end. One strategy we recommend is to install tall stakes. By making a general border around the areas that will need shoveling you save yourself from doing additional work that is not necessary! 


Make Sure You Are Safe


Shoveling can be exceptionally grueling on the body. However, having the right posture and form can save you a lot of aches and pains. When you are shoveling try to bend your knees so that you lift with your legs and not your back. Additionally, switch sides when you shovel – giving both your left and right hand a chance as to not overwork one side of your body. Lastly, shovel small parts at a time and give yourself plenty of breaks so you don’t get too tired. 


Winter Lawn Care Needham MA with Allgreen


These tips are a great way to maximize your shoveling this winter. However, wouldn’t it be better to cut down on your need to shovel altogether? At AllGreen Lawncare, we prioritize the safety of you and your family which is why we offer not only Boston lawn care but snow and ice removal options as well. Our liquid ice melt programs are non-toxic, effective, and affordable. Let us work hard so that you don’t have to! 


To find more information about AllGreen’s ice melting services, please contact us.


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