Lawn Care in Boston: The Right Program for Your Lawn

Every home or business owner loves their lawn and wants it to look as lush and as healthy as possible. This is evident when we see how much work people put into their lawns. All the mowing, pruning, and trimming that people do to their lawns shows a great deal of love for their property’s landscape but, if not done professionally, sometimes lawn care in Boston can yield unattractive results. At AllGreen, we specialize in a variety of lawn programs in Boston as well as many of its surrounding areas so have seen how much people really do care for their lawns. And, while putting in the work yourself does show a strong passion for the health of your property’s landscape, letting professionals handle the job will prove beneficial in the long run.

When it comes to lawn care in Boston, our lawn programs in MA have consistently shown our customers just how advantageous it is for them to let us handle the majority of their lawn care. And, all of our lawn programs come with free estimates so you won’t have to invest in something you’re not yet sure you’ll want to follow through with. While we love to see the DIY work ethic many people display when it comes to their own lawn care, it’s still best to see what our professional lawn programs can do for you.

Our Lawn Programs vs. DIY

Our lawn programs cover everything from mosquito control in Massachusetts to winterizing your lawn’s trees and shrubs to weed control and everything in between. So we’d like to take this opportunity to summarize how are lawn programs in MA differ from your typical, “Do It Yourself,” lawn care.

First of all, our lawn programs are all timed to yield the best results for your lawn care and are generally provided year round. When it comes to fertilizing your lawn, most people do about 4 applications with only a small amount of fertilizer. With AllGreen, we apply fertilizer at least 5 times a year, use more fertilizer, and take into account your lawn’s grass species for optimal results. Also, most people don’t use lime on their lawn because they’re not exactly sure how lime works. Lime eliminates the acidity of soil that can build up from the prevalent surrounding evergreen trees we see in the New England area. This makes for soil that more easily lends itself to further, healthy lawn care.

When it comes to crabgrass and weed control, most people use one application with a store bought weed killer. We use our own weed and crabgrass control application up to 4 or 5 times a year as needed. You’ll see that this method goes a long way by not only killing weeds and crabgrass but prevents them both from returning as frequently. Then, when it comes to pest, insect, and disease control, most people don’t have the means to apply an effective agent to keep their lawns healthy. At AllGreen, however, we utilize applications for pest, insect, and disease control year round that will keep your lawn, friends, and family as healthy as possible.

If you’re interested in our lawn programs for your lawn, contact us at: (781)-762-7080 and peruse our website at

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