5 Mower Maintenance Tips for Lawn Care MA

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Yard work is hard work! Here at AllGreen, we understand that lawn mower maintenance can be exhausting sometimes. Now is a great time to start preparing your mower for the lawn care MA season ahead. One step in keeping your lawn healthy is making sure you can mow it at the correct times! Before you head out and tackle your property, here are some mower maintenance tips from AllGreen Lawn Care in MA.




It’s probably time to sharpen your mower blade or replace it if you haven’t yet! A mower blade can be sharpened a few times a year but should be replaced each season. A sharp mower blade will help cut the grass instead of tearing it. Damaged blades can cause your lawn to become susceptible to disease!


Spark Plugs


If your mower is struggling to start up, you might need new spark plugs. Spark plugs can last about 25 hours on average, so it’s good practice to change them at the beginning of the lawn care season. If the spark plugs are not changed, it can lead to poor performance and excessive fuel consumption, leading to more issues.


Oil Changes


Have you ever thought about your lawn mower requiring an oil change? Well, they do! Clean oil is the best for top performance. Mower oil should be changed every season, or at least every other. Make sure you choose the right oil for your mower to prevent any issues with the engine.


Air Filters


A clean or new air filter will improve the performance of your lawnmower! Maintaining the proper fuel and air ratio will help the lawnmower burn the appropriate amount of gas. Depending on the type of mower you have, it may be either foam or paper.


Tire Pressure


If you have a mower with tires, make sure to check the pressure before you start working on your lawn! Uneven pressure in the tires can result in uneven cutting. If the mower is a ride-on, it can affect the steering and balance. Make sure all the tires are full!


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Lawn care MA shouldn’t have to be a hassle. Curb appeal is easy to manage with AllGreen Lawn Care. We can help you fertilize and improve the health of your lawn so it will look great all season long. Call us at (781)762-7080 or visit our website for a free estimate today!


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