Lawn Care in Needham MA: Sprinkler Vs. Hose

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During the scorching summer, your lawn needs water more than ever. However, there are numerous factors that can contribute to a correctly watered lawn. One of which is how it is being watered. At AllGreen Lawncare, our team of professionals is trained to know just what your lawn needs to stay healthy. We have been providing lawn care to Needham MA and its surrounding towns for years, keeping lawns green and luscious. Here are a few aspects to consider when choosing to use a sprinkler or a hose.


Sprinklers are Convenient


With busy schedules, it’s not hard to understand why people oftentimes prefer to use a sprinkler to water their lawn. They are both adorable and low-maintenance. However, there is a common misconception that the more you water your grass the healthier it will be, which is why people turn on their sprinklers and sometimes leave them on all day. This not only makes your water bill skyrocket but it can actually flood your yard, drowning your grass. Sprinklers if used in short periods of time in focused areas can be successful, however. 


Hoses are Efficient 


While they may not be as convenient they are certainly the more efficient option for keeping your lawn hydrated. One of the major plus sides to using a hose is that there is far less water lost to wind evaporation. Since the water is being deposited more directly into the soil there is less time than it’s suspended in the air. Additionally, The root systems of your grassy lawn are also able to get more direct so the soil is able to absorb it faster, nourishing roots and promoting growth. The only downside is the hassle, not only do you have to physically be there to water the grass but juggling a long hose can be a pain and although it’s efficient, the area of coverage is smaller.


What’s the Verdict? 


Overall, a hose is a way to go. It is more economically friendly and if used correctly promotes stronger growth for your lawn. A sprinkler can do a great job but must be regulated and not left on for a long period of time, otherwise, it’s destructive instead of constructive. 


Lawn Care in Needham MA with AllGreen


The reality of the situation is, very few people have the time to nurse their lawn the way that a lawn needs to be cared for. Making sure your grass is watered correctly for the right amount of time at the best time of day is exhausting to keep track of. At AllGreen Lawncare we take care of all of your lawn care in Needham MA. We provide numerous lawn care programs at affordable prices so that you can personalize plans based on your lawn care needs. Caring for your lawn is our specialty so let us take over so that you never have to worry about it!


To find more information about AllGreen’s lawn care programs, please contact us. AllGreen looks forward to keeping your lawn beautiful and luscious.

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