Lawn Care in Newton MA: August Lawn Care To-do List

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It is finally August, arguably the hottest month of the year, and with it comes the foreseeable end of summer. Although the summer is approaching its end it doesn’t mean that lawn care is over. In fact, August is one of the best times to care for your lawn, preparing it for the fall and winter months so you can have a luscious green yard this time next year. AllGreen Lawncare has been providing services in lawn care to newton ma and its surrounding towns for years. Here at AllGreen, our team of professionals knows just what your lawn needs no matter what time of year. Here are a few August lawn care tips and tasks to add to your lawn care to-do list for the upcoming month! 


Never Forget to Fertilize

Fertilizing your lawn is a sure way to increase its health going into the fall. First, you will want to patch any areas with dead grass and then apply a nitrogen fertilizer to your lawn. This not only helps the grass to recover after the scorching sun of summer but encourages regrowth during the fall as well. It is imperative that you water your lawn immediately after applying the fertilizer to get the best results.


Goodbye Weeds

As simple as it may sound, being intentional about pulling weeds as you see them makes a huge difference. Weeds take the moisture and nutrients that your grass needs leaving your grass weak and dry, especially on hot summer days. A few weeds are nothing to stress over but It’s easy for a few to turn into a majority – getting out of hand. So doing a little each day or as they arise will ensure a healthier lawn. 


Sprinkle Some Seed

Do you have bare patches on your lawn? Have areas dried up and turned brown from the heat of the season? Patches such as these are the weakest spots in your yard and it’s important to care for them. Start by sprinkling some grass seed in these areas and watering them daily. Keep doing so until you see little sprouts. The best time to do this is in the early morning before the water evaporates in the hot sun. 


Contact AllGreen for Lawn Care in Newton MA

The lawn care to-do list can stretch on and on, and that can be daunting. No one cares for a lawn better than the professionals. At AllGreen Lawncare, we know the time and care a lawn requires year-round to be beautiful and we are willing to help you with yours. Make AllGreen your service of choice for lawn care in Newton MA. With lawn care programs that will best suit you and your family, we can find a personalized plan that works for you. 


To find more information about AllGreen’s lawn care programs, please contact us. AllGreen looks forward to making your lawn healthy and green. 


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