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AllGreen Lawn Programs vs Do-it-yourself

AllGreen offers a variety of lawn programs in MA, as well as tree & shrub care programs throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Our lawn, tree & shrub care programs can be customized to meet your lawn and landscapes needs, while working within your budget. Lawn Programs in MA require solid knowledge and experience because of the seasonal timing and materials required to yield the best results.


Typical 4-step do-it-yourself:

  • 4 applications
  • Only marginal amount of fertilizer supplied
  • Same amount applied to each part of your lawn

AllGreen Lawn Care

  • At least 5 applications on our full program
  • Up to 30% more fertilizer applied,
  • Fertilizer rate adjusted to allow for grass type, etc.


Typical 4-step do-it-yourself:

  • None typically provided.

AllGreen Lime Program

  • Applied to every lawn each year.
  • Lime eliminates the acidity of soil that is specific to a lawn program in MA and the surrounding New England area due to the large quantity of pine and other evergreen trees that are high in acidity.

Crabgrass Control

Typical 4-step do-it-yourself:

  • 1 application in early spring, no summer or fall control included.

AllGreen Crabgrass Control

  • 2 spring applications, plus summer control if needed.

Weed Control

Typical 4-step do-it-yourself:

  • 1 application only.- No summer / fall control.
  • Dry application limits effectiveness.

AllGreen Weed Control

  • As many application as necessary throughout the entire year
  • Liquid application for improved control

Insect Control

Typical 4-step do-it-yourself:

  • No insect control, or only one application. Grub prevention not available.

AllGreen Insect Control

  • Insect controls applied as required. Preventative grub control available as well.

Disease Control

Typical 4-step do-it-yourself:

  • None.

AllGreen Disease Control

  • Applied as necessary

Other Costs

Typical 4-step do-it-yourself:

  • Spreader- Your time to purchase and apply materials
  • Extra products if problems arise
AllGreen provides everything you need for a healthy, vigorous lawn. You just need to mow and water and we take care of the rest!

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