MA Mosquito Control: How to Keep the Pests out of Your Home

ma mosquito control


This time of year, our homes offer a warm escape to the chilly evenings and crisp mornings. It is for this reason, that during this season, we often find traces of the outdoors in our own homes. Mosquitos seek out warmth, and inside your home is their optimal option. AllGreen Lawncare understands the need for MA mosquito control, especially as the weather gets cooler. Our lawn programs are a wonderful way to protect you and your family from mosquitos. By minimizing the number of mosquitos around your home, we minimize the amount that gets in as well. Should you find yourself with unwanted blood-sucking guests, here are a few tips for getting them out! 


Eliminate Standing Water

The moment Mosquitos begin laying eggs and reproducing inside your home, the problem grows exponentially larger. Therefore, it’s imperative to stop them before it gets to that point. Begin by making sure there is no standing water. Check plant sauces, under sinks, dirty bowls for water that has been sitting too long. Additionally, if you have a pet, make sure their water dish is fresh. By eliminating standing water in your home you vastly decrease the amount of places mosquito larvae can thrive. 


Set Mosquito Traps

Fortunately, mosquitos are easily tricked. A simple yet effective way to catch and eliminate mosquitoes in your home is by using dish soap. Add a small amount of dish soap to a bowl of water. This will attract the mosquitoes, getting them stuck in the water where they drown and die. Make sure you empty the bowl often. For better results, you can fill multiple bowls and scatter them around your home.


Essential Oils 

Having an effective repellent active in your home is a great way to deter mosquitoes. But no one wants their home to smell like bug spray. Essential oils not only smell great but serve as a great mosquito repellent. Specifically, lavender, tea tree, and mint, along with other essential oils, are exceptionally effective when it comes to pest control. With that in mind, consider purchasing an essential oil diffuser for your home to repel mosquitoes and make your home smell great.


MA Mosquito Control with Allgreen

Having mosquitoes inside your home can be incredibly invasive. A great way to minimize the risk of these pests entering your home is to cut down on the number of them in the areas surrounding your home. At AllGreen Lawncare we have been providing MA mosquito control for years. We understand that your priority is to keep pests out of your home and yard. So let us help!


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