Lawn Care In Massachusetts Can Help Your Crabgrass Invasion

lawn care massachusetts


Lawn care in Massachusetts begins with controlling pesky crabgrass before it can take hold in your lawn this summer. Remember the dull crabgrass spots in your yard from last year? It’s time to start planning how your lawn care will look this spring. Help your property look beautiful all season long with an easy crabgrass prevention treatment from AllGreen Lawncare!


What does crabgrass do to my lawn?


Well, crabgrass doesn’t do much for your lawn. It’s a weed that can ruin the look of and overcrowd healthy grasses. Crabgrass thrives in warm summer weather and continues to grow into the fall season. Lawn grass typically grows fast in the spring and starts to slow during the peak summer months. Crabgrass can take this opportunity and take over the healthy grass you’ve worked so hard to maintain! A colony of crabgrass can produce thousands of seeds that wait patiently for the spring to develop. This weed will die in the cold winter weather and has to be treated before its germination cycle the following season.


When does Crabgrass germinate?


Crabgrass is a common lawn weed that begins to germinate once soil temperatures consistently reach 57 to 64 degrees at a one-inch depth. Crabgrass has to be treated before it has a chance to take root in your lawn because it is challenging to treat once it has germinated. Typically, the best time of year to apply lawn care treatments for crabgrass is late spring.


lawn care massachusetts


Crabgrass treatments for all levels of toughness


The best way to maintain your beautiful yard and control crabgrass is by maintaining thick grass and consistently mowing your lawn at 2 ½ to 3 inches. If your grass is trimmed too short, crabgrass can spread due to the weakened lawn grass. Once crabgrass takes hold, it’s challenging to combat. Your Massachusetts lawn can be cared for with a fertilization treatment that controls crabgrass before it has time to take root. Does your yard have a serious crabgrass problem? AllGreen Lawncare can apply two pre-emergent treatments to keep them at bay.


Easy treatments from AllGreen!


Crabgrass invasion got your lawn down? Fight back with a Crabgrass Control treatment this spring from AllGreen Lawncare. For more information about lawn care in Massachusetts, please contact 781-762-7080.


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