Massachusetts Mosquito Control: Even During the Winter!

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Now that winter is in full swing in New England, most homeowners have winterized their lawn, trees, and shrubs. Given the steps taken, you may be lulled into a false sense of security regarding mosquito control in Massachusetts. For most people, when we think of winter, it is not often that mosquitoes, bug bites, and bug spray pop into mind. However, winter is as good of a time as any to consider what steps you’ll take to control the mosquito population on your property.

A common misconception we often hear at AllGreen is that mosquito control isn’t a priority during the winter. While mosquitos may be less prevalent, there are many reasons to keep them in mind. Unbeknownst to most, mosquito larvae will generally hatch in late February. By mid-March, you could see an upswell in the mosquito population around your property, especially if you’ve neglected to contact our team about professional control options!


Decreasing the breeding grounds

Everyone knows what forerunners of disease mosquitoes can be. As some of the most effective carriers and transmitters of several diseases in the insect world, it’s imperative to take measures to decrease their population. With concerns like malaria, yellow fever, dog heartworm, encephalitis, West Nile, and so on, knowing what actions to take can protect you and your family.

One of the many actions you can take to disrupt the growth of mosquito larvae around your property is to manicure streams and ditches, allowing water to flow faster. By doing so, you can decrease the areas in and around your property that may be prone to mosquito breeding. You may be wondering how such an action could matter. Standing or slow moving water is a mosquitos ultimate nesting ground.

Furthermore, take the time to walk around and clean up any items that are no longer in use. Old planters are one of the most common neglected items that sit, pool water, and become the perfect breeding ground. With a little time, your property can be in tip-top shape, prepared for mosquito season.


While removing potential breeding grounds helps decrease the amount of mosquitos you may have to contend with, it’s also wise to get AllGreen involved. As experts in Massachusetts mosquito control, our team will effectively with you to design a unique system to ensure your outdoor season is as enjoyable as possible!

For more information on the numerous packages available, contact AllGreen today at (617) 327-5555.

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