The 5 Best Methods of Mosquito Control in MA

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While the weather is certainly unpredictable these days, there’s one thing we can count on. That thing is mosquitos and a lot of them. More than ever before, people are heading outdoors during a season that has been unprecedentedly wet. Mosquitos thrive in wet areas, so mosquito control in MA is going to be more imperative than ever before this year.

Not only do these pests make for an unpleasant outdoor experience, but they also carry a variety of diseases. However, by following these five methods of mosquito control, you can take back the outdoors.




Eliminate breeding sites on your property

Mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water. While you may think murky ponds, these insects aren’t that particular. Mosquitos will lay their eggs in small puddles of water that have gathered pretty much anywhere around your yard. Taking the time to carefully inspect your yard for pools of water is imperative this time of year.

Be sure to check under your deck and around the edges of your yard. Children’s play areas are also common breeding grounds. Buckets, shovels, and other items that collect rainwater are inconspicuous and often overlooked. Old furniture or yard items that are no longer used are another common element.



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Consider the addition of a bat house

Natural predators are one of the safest and best defenses against the mosquito population. If you live in a wooded property, considering the addition of a bat house is an excellent choice. Even if your property isn’t wooded, poles can also serve as an excellent location for a bat house.


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Research a repellent suitable for your requirements

There are several mosquito repellents available at any given store. However, many of these solutions contain ingredients like DEET that some individuals are choosing no longer to use. Set aside a little time and research the various products and ingredients on the market. From all-natural essential oils to DEET-based repellents, the options are plentiful. Regardless of which product you choose, having an added layer of protection is always the best path.



Contact your local MA mosquito control company

No matter what measures you take, there will still be mosquitos. However, with the help of our team at AllGreen Lawncare, you and your family can enjoy the outdoors like never before. Our team offers a range of mosquito control programs perfect for any yard, any budget, and any situation.

With organic options, you can have peace of mind that not only your family is protected to the fullest extent, but also your pets. Contact our team today to inquire about the various programs we offer.


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