Mosquito Control: Keep Mosquitoes From Crashing Your Party

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Tis’ the season for those pesky mosquitoes to show up unannounced to your picnics and barbecues, and no one wants that. As that long-awaited warmer weather rolls in, it seems like so do the overwhelming swarms of mosquitoes. How can you enjoy the outdoors with family and friends without the incessant buzzing in your ears? AllGreen Lawncare has not only the answer but the solution. We have mosquito control solutions in Massachusetts that will help keep you and your family mosquito-free.


Wear Repellent


Would it really be a backyard bash without mosquito repellent? Take a few extra moments, it will make a huge difference. If spray options are not your preference consider using a clip-on option. These have become very popular. You simply clip the mosquito repellent clip onto your pock, belt look, or even a chair you are sitting in. 



Citronella Torches


When the sun goes down the mosquitoes come out. One way to keep those suckers away is to use Citronella torches, also known as Tiki Torches. These not only set a fun and festive mood but can keep away mosquitos fairly well. The downside with these however is that once you leave the protective sphere of the tikis you’ll be free game for mosquito munching.


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Stay Away From the Tree Line or Water Sources


Mosquitoes love to assemble where foliage is thickest. That being said, try to stay away from the thickest parts of the woods or from the tree line of your property. Additionally, Mosquitoes are known to be most heavily populated around water. This is because water is their main breeding ground. Staying away from those types of areas should help cut down on the number of mosquitos around you. 


How AllGreen Lawncare Can Help

AllGreen Lawncare makes Mosquito control in MA effortless. With our mosquito lawn care program, we eliminate not only the mosquitos but stop their breeding as well. This will significantly cut down on the number of mosquitos that are intruding on your outdoor events. Get started on making your backyard a safe serene place for those outdoor gatherings.



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